19 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

19 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Posted May 31, 2019 in Your Home

Buying gifts for the person who has it all can be tough, but what about the person who just bought a new house and needs a lot? It can still be tough nailing down the perfect token to celebrate such a major accomplishment, and that’s where we come in. Here are 19 gift ideas for new homeowners.

Living Room

Throw Blanket

Nothing makes cuddling up on the couch in a new house sweeter than a cozy throw blanket.


Readers will love a new set of stylish bookends to spruce up their bookshelves with.

Smart Speaker

The new homeowner in your life can control other smart devices throughout their home, organize their schedule, and so much more with a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

A Fancy Candle

A nice, aromatic candle is a great way to help their new home smell divine.

Coffee Table Books

Tailor these to your homeowner’s interests and they make for a fine gift that doubles as reading material and nice décor.

Trinket Dish

These are perfect for catching all the little knick-knacks like jewelry, keys, and other pocket-fillers that otherwise just create clutter.

Key Ring Holder

A key ring holder is another great way to avoid creating clutter for a new homeowner. Just hang your keys on the wall when you get home!


Bath Towels

A new set of bath towels is a perfect way to celebrate an all-new bathroom.

Shower Speaker

A waterproof shower speaker makes morning routines a little easier with some musical accompaniment.

Bathtub Caddy

Moving is stressful, so give your new homeowner an excuse to relax in a rejuvenating bath with a caddy that’s perfect for a candle, book, and whatever else they need to kick back.

Smart Scale

Even scales have gone high-tech, with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and track more than just weight. A smart scale is a great idea for the health-minded homeowner.


Various Kitchenware

A set of quality dishware or silverware is not only a thoughtful gift idea, but an incredibly practical one, too!

Serving Tray

Whether it’s used when entertaining guests or for breakfast in bed, a serving tray is a multifaceted gift.


They just got a brand-new kitchen, so give your new homeowner new recipes to try with a cookbook or two!

Unique Appliances

Items like, say, an Instant Pot or air fryer are neat additions to a kitchen, and they’re practical enough to get used often.

Engraved Cutting Board

Get a cutting board engraved with a sweet message or even just their name and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind piece of kitchen décor.


Bed Sheets

Pamper your new homeowner with a set of cozy sheets for their bed and they’ll be forever grateful.

White Noise Machine

New environments can throw off sleep habits in a big way. A white noise machine is a thoughtful gift to help your new homeowner drift off to sleep in their new bedroom.

Alarm Clock

It doesn’t have to be fancy – a classic analog alarm clock is often all we need to get us up in the morning. Plus it has more benefits than using your phone as an alarm!

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