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A Dog's Advice

My dog has been sniffing around on this planet for 13+ years now. If he could give advice about my real estate career I bet he wouldn’t have to look any further than the dog park to come up with these treats:

  • Greet everyone you encounter. Be exuberant if that is your personality but more importantly be genuine. The more dogs you meet, the more opportunities you will have. But when you are both sniffing around to get to know one another don’t overwhelm your new friend; let him learn what you have to offer without being in his face about it.
  • Dig. And when you think you’ve found what you were looking for dig some more. Keep digging until you can’t possibly go any deeper. Then you’ll know you’ve done your very best work.
  • You can hang with the big dogs as long as you play nice. The park isn’t just for the intimidating dogs that make a lot of noise - even they appreciate the energy and innovation that the little guys bring to the park.
  • You can’t always operate on your own timeline. Your people have schedules and commitments too and sometimes –okay, many times - you just have to accommodate them agreeably, whether you like it or not.
  • It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks and your people will love you for it. Why did anybody ever think experienced dogs (or agents) can’t learn, adapt and become even more valuable to their people as a result? That’s nonsense.
  • You will have some dog days and when you do it’s okay to plop yourself down and surrender. Tomorrow will bring another opportunity to run in the park!